The Harvard Undergraduate OpenBio Laboratory team is dedicated to empowering our peers to create a positive impact on the world using biology.
We come from a variety of research backgrounds and bring a wide range of experiences to the table, united by our belief in the power of biology to create positive change. We believe that diversity is essential for driving progress and innovation, and we are committed to supporting the growth and development of our team members.
OpenBio Board

Ayush Noori


Ayush Noori is a junior at Harvard studying Neuroscience and Computer Science. Inspired by personal experiences with neurological disease, Ayush conducts research at the interface of neuroscience and AI. Working in labs across the Harvard Medical School, the Wyss Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital, Ayush seeks to develop AI-enabled technologies that enable novel diagnostics and therapeutics for neurological disease and other challenging medical conditions.

Hugh Hankenson


Hugh is a sophomore at Harvard studying both Social Studies and Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. He currently works in the Mooney Lab for Cell and Tissue Engineering, researching the generation of antigen-specific regulatory T cells. His other research interests include health equity and healthcare systems. Outside of lab, Hugh enjoys reading, playing chess, and exploring Boston by bike.

Audrey Gunawan


Audrey is a junior at Harvard studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Government. She currently studies drug repurposing for various retinal diseases in the Kim Lab at Mass Eye and Ear. Outside of the lab, Audrey enjoys exploring coffee shops, watching Formula 1, and dancing in the Asian American Dance Troupe.

Rohil Dhaliwal

Director of Laboratory

Rohil is a junior at Harvard studying Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry and Physics. He most recently worked at Visterra, an antibody-based therapeutics company, where he sought to predict immunogenicity of antibodies and T-cell epitope binding for MHC Class I and II molecules. His interests lie in drug discovery and design, as well as entrepreneurship. Outside of the lab, Rohil fearlessly leads Harvard's powerlifting team and enjoys playing tennis and chess.

Sean Meng

Director of Engagement

Sean is a sophomore at Harvard studying Neuroscience on the Neurobiology track. He is interested in the intersection of natural intelligence and artificial intelligence, with a specific focus on utilizing the neural circuits underlying learning and perturbations of synaptic function in neurodegeneration to inform neural network development. Outside of lab, you can find him looking up new recipes to cook or coffee-shop hopping around Boston!

Sahil Sood

Director of Engagement

Sahil is a first year at Harvard studying biology and government, interested in pursuing a career as a physician. He is interested in mechanisms of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and developing novel approaches to help benefit low-income areas from falling victim to these new strains. In his free time, you can find him watching Breaking Bad, playing Super Smash, or in the gym.

Carl Ma

Director of Finance

Zijian ("Carl") is a senior at Harvard studying Chemical and Physical Biology and Computer Science. With experience in labs across MGH, HMS, and CCB, he is currently conducting his thesis research in the Church Lab at the Wyss Institute. There, he employs a synthetic biology approach to differentiate human germ cells and initiate meiosis in vitro. His research interests span biohacking, synthetic biology, machine learning in biology, and aging reversal.

OpenBio Engagement

Jaray Liu

Jaray is a freshman at Harvard studying Computer Science and Molecular and Cellular Biology. He is interested in biotech as a field and using AI to revolutionize medical care for patients across the world. Outside of OpenBio, you can find him skiing, playing bass, or in the gym.

Christine Zhang

Christine is a first-year living in Holworthy studying Neuroscience. Outside of OpenBio, she designs for The Crimson and The Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal, and volunteers through the PBHA.

Alex Merhab

Alex is a first-year at Harvard studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. He is interested in orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, the rise of cardiovascular disease, and seeing everyone interested in pursuing biology have the resources to do so. Other than OpenBio, he enjoys going to the gym, playing golf, and spending time with family.

Julia Torrey

Julia is a freshman at Harvard planning to study History of Science with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. She is currently doing research in the Hematology Division of Brigham and Women’s hospital. Outside of school and lab, she loves exploring new restaurants and coffee shops, doing yoga, and going to the beach.

Eshan Mehra

Eshan is a freshman at Harvard studying Bioengineering and Chemistry & Physics. He is interested in studying the intersection of synthetic biology and cancer immunology, researching synthetic gene circuits. He also has a secondary interest in machine learning, researching models for detecting abnormalities in portable ultrasound videos and synthetic promoter screening. In his free time, you'll find him biking around Boston, doing handstands in the library, or chasing some other adrenaline rush.

Tieri Rigamoto

Tieri is a sophomore at Harvard studying Neuroscience. She is interested in researching and developing therapies for CDD and other neurodevelopmental conditions, as well as making science more accessible for marginalized communities. Outside of class, you can find her weightlifting, baking, or taking film photos.

Uyanga Batsaikhan

Uyanga is a sophomore at Harvard studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. She currently works in the Arlotta Lab, conducting research on human cortical organoids to explore developmental events influenced by mutations in ASD-risk genes. Outside of lab, Uyanga enjoys pilates, film photography, and snowboarding.

David Kim

David Kim is a first-year at Harvard planning to study Neuroscience and Economics. He is interested in characterizing the complex interactions of the brain and developing cost-effective treatments for seemingly incurable diseases. In his free time, you can find him cranking out word puzzles, taking random photos of the sky, or eating at any late-night restaurant.

Rishab Jain

I’m a freshman at Harvard studying Neuroscience. I’m interested in understanding human speech production using language models and machine learning. Outside of the lab, I enjoy teaching young students about research, making YouTube videos, and consuming tomatillo salsas.

OpenBio Finance

Aneesh Mazumder

Aneesh is a freshman at Harvard studying Neuroscience and Government. He is currently conducting research on neurodegenerative diseases at Harvard Medical School and MGH. There, he is working to understand the mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s and develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for the disease. His research interests span synthetic biology, neurodegeneration, brain regeneration, and the applications of AI in healthcare. He plans to pursue an MD degree and work as a neurosurgeon, using his research findings to help his patients and improve their quality of life. Outside the lab, he loves to spend his time reading, playing tennis, watching sports, exploring new places, eating spicy food, and spending time with his family.

Rodmehr Basidj

Rodmehr Basidj is a sophomore at Harvard studying biomedical engineering and computer science. He has experience in biofabrication, bioinformatics, and cancer biology in labs at HMS and Stanford. His research interests include preventing cellular aging, novel cybernetic implants, and biohacking. In his free time, he enjoys fishing and rock climbing.

Andy Weissman

Andy is a freshman at Harvard studying Integrative Biology and Economics. He has previously worked at Mass General Hospital within the molecular pathology department. There, he led efforts to streamline research and optimize data processing by developing new protocols incorporating Bruker Topspin's AI phasing and baseline correction while also helping create a metabolite search engine that efficiently locates metabolites within specific ppm regions of an NMR spectrum. Outside the lab, Andy runs his non-profit Tutors For A Cause, which offers English lessons for young students in rural parts of Vietnam. You can also find him playing squash or watching Arsenal FC in his free time.

Chaeun (Christine) Song

Christine is a freshman at Harvard planning on concentrating in Molecular Cellular Biology and Economics. With previous experience in breast cancer research at the Mayo Clinic, she plans on working at various local institutions and MD Anderson to further her research. Through this, she plans on studying various pathways associated with different breast cancer subtypes and find potential new treatments for the disease.

Matthew Zhang

Matthew is a freshman at Harvard studying Economics. With prior experience at Biotech companies such as BioNTech and Zailab, he's worked in both Competitive Intelligence, analyzing data on mRNA Oncology vaccines, and also Business Development, specifically on licensed drugs in China such as Zejula. He has an interest in combining his love for Biology and applying it to his finance knowledge.

Angela Mei

Angela is a freshmen at Harvard studying Computer Science and Chemistry. She is interested in pursuing research, specifically in the field of protein design. Angela is passionate about making research available for everyone and is excited to join the OpenBio team!

Katie Robinson

Katie is a first-year at Harvard studying Economics with a secondary in Global Health & Health Policy. She is interested in making healthcare more accessible and equitable, and has experience researching engineered synthetic materials for drug delivery. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outside and writing.

Sophia Si

Sophia is a first-year at Harvard studying Applied Mathematics and Statistics. She is interested in the intersection of healthcare and finance and has extensive experience in bioengineering research—in particular, conducting tissue-engineering research through 3D-printing. In her free time, she enjoys running along the Charles, traveling, skiing, reading, and playing with her dog, Austin.

OpenBio Lab

Joshua Okolo

Joshua Okolo is a first-year at Harvard studying Mechanical and Materials Science and Engineering + Computer Science. He is interested in the intersection of hardware engineering, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and materials science, with a specific focus on developing robotics systems with innovative approaches to LLM integration, human-computer interaction, multimodal conflict simulation, mechanical design, and modular, versatile systems. Outside of lab, Joshua enjoys cars, racing, and playing poker.

Camryn Neches

Camryn is a freshman at Harvard who intends to study Physics. She studies tumor suppressor proteins in the Greenbaum Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and is broadly interested in drug design and preventative cancer care. Outside of research, Camryn enjoys reading, science-fiction, and working on space-faring vehicles with Students for the Exploration and Development of Space and Harvard Rocket Propulsion Group.

Emma Markowitz

Emma is a freshman at Harvard studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and Global Health on the pre-dental track. She is passionate about using microbiology research and social initiatives to seek innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Emma is currently conducting independent research to combat oral bacteria through the exploration of natural alternatives to antibiotics, as well as enhancing the effectiveness of first-generation antibiotics. Outside of the lab, Emma enjoys running by the Charles River, trying out new coffee shops, and thrift shopping.


Since 2021, we have been led by dedicated undergraduate students, who have gone to pursue various endeavors from research to industry, in science, medicine, and beyond. All members of the OpenBio community should feel more than welcome to reach out to anyone in our alumni network!

Ian Espy

Director of Business


Business Analyst at McKinsey & Co

Jack Markert

Director of Laboratory


MD Student at University of Alabama

Izzy Goodchild-Michelman

Co-Founder, Co-President


PhD Student at MIT Bioengineering

Benjamin Chang

Co-Founder, Co-President


PhD Student at University of Oxford